To be a leading source of bespoke financing to the mining sector.


To be a sought-after long-term funding partner to mining companies throughout the commodity cycle, while providing compelling returns to our investors.


  • Taking a longer-term view

  • Analytical & detail-oriented

  • Embracing contrarian thinking

  • Thorough, innovative and tenacious

  • Dedicated to excellence in delivery and execution

Experience & Support

We are miners first and foremost, who believe in the essential good that ethical mining provides society, backed by a single, well-funded and globally recognized private investor in Elliott Management Corporation.

Financing Solutions

Our expertise, combined with Elliott’s full support and long-term focus, enables us to move rapidly and discreetly to offer bespoke and non-traditional financing solutions.

Commodity Focused

Primarily targeting gold, silver and PGM’s with a secondary focus on high-quality base metal and bulk commodities, we look beyond the short-term volatility and often fickle public market view and sentiment of the commodity cycle.

Funding Opportunities

We offer competitive financing terms for royalty and streaming opportunities, while being well positioned to develop broader funding alternatives than a typical mining finance company.



We are primarily targeting investments in the range of $100M to $500M, but will look at a broader investment range for compelling opportunities, ranging from smaller development-stage investments to larger portfolio investment opportunities.


Gold, silver and PGM’s are our primary target, but we will invest up to 25% of our portfolio in high-quality base metal and bulk commodities.


We are primarily looking to invest in the Americas, Europe and Australia, but we will consider other locations if we can find excellent operating partners and manageable longer-term country risks.


We will invest from early-stage development projects to operating assets and everything in between. Existing portfolios of royalties and metal streams represent a natural fit. Our investment bias is tilted toward cash-generating assets, but we are building a balanced portfolio with good exposure to future growth opportunities, so we will actively pursue development-stage assets as well.


Our ability to transact expeditiously positions us to be an ideal funding partner as part of larger deals where risk syndication is desirable, or as part of large merger and acquisition opportunities where we can offer part of the financing package and help close valuation gaps.

Triple Flag Mining Finance Management Team

Shaun Usmar

Chief Executive Officer

Sheldon Vanderkooy

Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel

Allan Polk

VP Mining Engineering

Andrew McLarty

Manager Evaluations

Steve Bristo

Manager Research and Analytics